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My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. I don't offer any tourist-type tour. Never has a day with one client been repeated exactly like another. You hire me as your very own private guide for the day; EXCLUSIVELY, WITHOUT STRANGERS.

I have found that with no one else distracting your ideal program, more of your needs are met. As part of the service, I consult with each customer before embarking on the adventure, assessing your needs and vision of what your special day might be like.

I tell you to imagine you had your very own guide showing you THE BEST of the island, and to tell me what that should include for you to be satisfied. You tell me the kinds of things you like to see and do that make you happy. Then I suggest the kinds of places and activities you might enjoy. Your input will help make your day special and memorable.

At the Heart of Each Open Eye Tour are the Following Goals of Eco-Tourism:

  • Conserving our precious natural resources, reusing & recycling whenever possible
  • Holding the indigenous culture in highest esteem, and being sensitive to regional customs.
  • Preserving fragile ecosystems by using more well-established trails & authorized roads.
  • Supporting the local economy by purchasing foodstuffs & handicrafts directly from homesteads & farms, favoring small & family-run businesses.
  • Leaving intact each place as it is found, including living things, their remains, & artifacts.
  • Caring for the safety & well-being of people, plants, & animals. 
  • Offering healthy, hands-on "local style" activities (like tide pool exploring, wild fruit & flower gathering, palm frond weaving.)
  • Suggesting resources for further study on subjects of interest, providing continued opportunities for learning.
  • Actively contributing to organizations, groups & individuals which perpetuate the above principles.

"I would not have had the same experience if I went on a large tour or rented a car. We went at our own pace. I appreciated the tour. It was special. We saw spots that tourists didn't even get a chance to see. What stood out were the chants, learning about the ti leaf, flowers, plants...I particularly liked the local villages."
Teara Carter
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Excellent tour/tour guide and Hana experience. Enlightened; interactive; relaxed; fulfilled; pono; joyous; informative; friendly describe how we felt after the tour. We particularly like the way the trip was planned, the timing and the guide's knowledge. The wonderful historical legends /the respect for the ancestors and the environment; chanting...fresh flower lei greeting, wonderful departure gifts, the absolute personal touch and the apparent effort and attention that was put in to making such a wonderful tour...better than excellent- the best tour we had while in Hawaii...the quaintness of the tour; solitude; awesome photo ops...the environmental lessons. The tour guide was exceptional and one I would use again and recommend to all my friends- great style; not overbearing or imposing; very responsive."
Barb Holcomb and Larry/Andrea Levere and Mike
New Jersey and Philadelphia

"So many thanks for such a wonderful, uplifting day. It was a VERY SPECIAL day for us and we thank you. You are everything and more that we heard about you!"
    L. & W. Shelton, Executive, Coca-Cola
    Atlanta, GA


"I felt more informed about Hawaii in a personal way. Satisfied, informed, relaxed- best tour ever! What a nice day- we felt we made a new friend- his attention to detail, from the handmade leis to the picnic including passion fruit & mango, etc. grown by him, to the detailed information on Maui, was refreshing & made us comfortable and very satisfied. Also, the surprise gift bag, including Hawaiian music CD's, put this tour over-the-top in our view- (note to Four Seasons: You should recommend Barry to all of your guests)."
Mary Nisbit
Fort Worth, Texas

"Amazing, Incredible and Unique. Barry gives you a once in a lifetime experience. It is a tour tailored to your interests - he puts the interest of his patrons above all else. It was fantastic."
Karen and Todd Greenberg
New York

"- Took time to watch for birds
- Took time to wait for the weather to clear
- Photographic expertise was appreciated
...Peaceful, happy, fulfilled...There was a wide variety of information- history, folklore, music, gardening- all appreciated."

Julie Schwerman

"Wonderful tour for people committed to experiencing the "real" Hawaii. I feel like I have a better understanding of the customs and traditions- a new appreciation for replenishing and surviving from nature.. Sacred grounds of the ancestors of Hawaii. Fantastic, fun, happy, rejuvenated, more knowledgeable...I loved the waterfall and passion fruit :-)"
Renee and Jessie
Santa Monica, California

"Reflections on our tour experience today: Exhilarating, eye opening, awe inspiring...particularly liked the scenery... the chanting, the stories, the legends stood out most in my mind... Enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, friendliness of Barry. Enjoyable and would recommend to others."
Beth Azor
South Florida

Introduction  |  My Philosophy  |  Why Open Eye?  |  Tour Choices
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